Yarre Stooker, SKYBOX september 2011

Siree van der Velde, SKYBOX september 2011

Het werk van Siree was te zien aan de achterkant van de SKYBOX. Een intieme plek waar de bezoekers rustig van het werk konden genieten.

Skybox tijdens het rode loper weekend 2011

Skybox opening vrijdag 23 september, 20:30-22:30.

Yarre Stooker & Siree van der Velde

Stooker brengt Skybox terug naar menselijke proportie
terwijl van der Velde aftelt naar het nulpunt.

Het werk van Stooker en van der Velde is ook
zondag 25 september te zien van 13:00 tot 18:00 tijdens het Rode Loper Festival.

24, 25 & 26 juni een lang weekend Huisman & Droog in SKYBOX!

Skybox prikkelt de zintuigen

Huisman en Droog brengen u in helende sferen met de subtiele (geluids)trillingen van de “wollen geluidspill”,porseleinen kommetjes, geur van essentiele olien en kruidenthee

Opening: vrijdag 24 juni, 20:30 – 22:30

Extra: open zaterdag  25 en zondag 26 juni van 14:00 tot 17:00.

24 juni opening met Huisman en Droog

   Huisman / Droog  brengen u in helende sferen met (subtiele trillingen) van “wollen geluids pil”  en  porseleinen kom klanken, (essentiële oliën en kruidenthee)

Arjen de Leeuw in Skybox


Stills uit de Video van Arjen de Leeuw in de Skybox

Beamer buiten de Box

Something new, Something old, Something bold, Or something gold





Deze diashow vereist JavaScript.

lmrfms performance

22 april, Notations in Skybox!!!

Voor het complete programma met achtergronden, ga naar: www.notations.nl
In Skybox op vrijdag 22 April vanaf 20:30:
lemuriformes is a collaborative improvisational performance project in which live coding, painting and electronic music blend together in one experience.
Many issues are addressed in the process, such as the role of the graphical representation of code in live coding performances, live coding as a means of sound transformation [rather than synthesis], human and machine involvement levels in electronic music and live coding in collaborative performances.
Yet the main reason to start this unusual cooperation was to share a positive and playful experience in which the personal qualities of the collaborators have their role defined on the fly.
The performance at Skybox will be the result of a short residency at STEIM in the first week of April to explore further this interesting combination of crosshatched and intersecting auditory and visual palettes.
Ink: Julie Dassaud, synthesizer: Eliad Wagner, circuits: Roel van Doorn, code: Laurens van der Wee.
* As to the natural scientific and evolution theory considerations on lemuriformes [French for lemurs, as they have headquarters in Madagascar] and their disproportionate black & white tails we kindly re-direct you to related Wikipedia article.
* Bio’s
Julie Dassaud is a French visual artist based in Amsterdam involved with various solo and collaborative projects, wherein
she explores in particular the relevancy and possibilities of drawing in our contemporary digital age. In this context, she
exhibits for instance with Img-src, a collective confusing the viewer’s senses by producing analog work that looks digital and the other way around. Her live ink painting contribution to lemuriformes is her first performing appearance. Besides this, Julie is active as artistic director of the Kulter. art space and of the Notations platform for alternative music notations.
Eliad Wagner is a musician, composer and programmer. Born in Israel and currently based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, he
holds a Bachelor degree in physics and is completing his Master of Music degree at the Music Technology department of
the Utrecht School of the Arts. He develops his own approach to electronic sound, mainly based on analog and modular
synthesizers and computer programming. His work has been published by Metropolis records [US], Digital Kranky [DE], C-sides[DE] and concrete plastic [UK]. He is co-founder of the electronica label “±g6pd records” [IL].
Roel van Doorn is a multimedia artist living in Rotterdam. At first, his works were focussed on sound, but this slowly
shifted to audiovisual projects recently, in which he is involved in both the sonic and visual aspects of performances. For Vanilla Riot he programs interactive visual software, and improvises with his visual software as a fourth member of the group. This way sound and visuals are intertwined in a meaningful way. For his graduation project he designed and produced several sound installations, which made sound using solar and wind power and were exhibited during the Duizel festival in Rotterdam in 2009.
Laurens van der Wee is a sonic designer, composer and programmer from The Netherlands, currently living in
Vilnius, Lithuania. In June 2011 he will obtain his Master of Music degree at the Music Technology department of the
Utrecht School of the Arts. Laurens focusses on autonomous works on the edge of composition and performance, as well as usual and less usual collaborations, ranging from modern dance to live coding improv [lemuriformes]. His work has been presented in Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Portugal, Spain and several other countries, at occassions such as ICMC, SMC and the Hong Kong International Dance Symposium.

18 Februari, opening met Lidwien Kraakman


Beeldende kunst is een wezenlijk onderdeel van onze omgeving.
De complexiteit ervan, de daarin werkzame mechanismes en wat dat kan betekenen, is voor Lidwien Kraakman een terrein van onderzoek en experiment.
Door waarneming en vormgeving van ideeën creëert zij een nieuw blikveld op dat wat als vanzelfsprekend passeert.
Kraakman laat zich graag leiden door de alledaagse beeldcultuur en de daarbij behorende clichés en voorwerpen.
Beeld, taal, licht en de ruimtelijke context bepalen het uiteindelijke beeld.

Voor Skybox maakt Lidwien Kraakman een samengesteld lichtwerk.
Je bent van harte uitgenodigd om vrijdag 18 februari vanaf 20:30 te komen kijken en met ons te drinken op een mooi 2011.